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Orangutan Jungle School
Channel 4

This three part series follows the real life, day-to-day adventures of a group of characterful rescued orangutans – all of them ‘pupils’ at one of the world’s most extraordinary schools. Rapid deforestation now threatens the very existence of this most human-like primate species, but Jungle School offers a unique refuge. Here under the guidance of a skilled and caring team of ‘’babysitters’, orphaned and once captive orangutans are taught vital survival skills before being released back into the wild.

The Sidemen
Youtube Premium

The Sidemen Show is one half reality, one half drama, and three halves mayhem. The seven Sidemen brave experiences rarely seen in striking des2na2ons across the globe, as they strive to conquer the elements with a variety of surprises along the way.

Is Love Racist?
Channel 4

Sociologist Emma Dabiri looks at racism in Britain through the world of modern dating, love apps, and a national survey suggesting that young Britons could be more segregated than ever.